Red Squirrel WebSiteManager is a web based, online, content management system (CMS), that provides users with the various modules needed to assist them with the day-to-day running of their website and contentent management.

What you get for your monthly subscription

  • Your website hosted with your domain name, i.e.
  • Email coming to you @ your domain, i.e.
  • The ability to edit/manage the content on your website, at any time, using any internet connection, without the need to know anything about designing or coding a website.
  • Most importantly, your website available to your customers 24/7/365

And because the service is web based not all of the modules need to be used at once, but as new functionality is added (either on request or to all users), it becomes instantly available as soon as you next log in.

Why use a web based facility to manage your website?

It is accessible anywhere where an internet connection is available i.e. at your home, at the office, at an internet cafe, dialling up from a hotel room etc. Allowing you to make changes as you require, or when you require.

As it is internet based, and not installed on a single laptop/pc, the content is securely and centrally accessed, allowing multiple content managers to update your website content anywhere, anytime (they don't need to be in front of a dedicated laptop/pc), and the workload can be shared.

In addition, all your website content is automatically backed up on a daily basis and in the event of the single laptop/pc being damaged, stolen, or an employee leaving the organisation, your data is safe, no website content is lost and you have complete piece of mind.

Client Web Sites
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